Claudia Porto is a museologist working with the collections of the Congress of Brazil/Chamber of Deputies, that include historical archives and libraries, modernist sculptures and paintings and photographs, among others. She also works as a museum’s consultant and producer. Her main areas of interest are collections interpretation, digital solutions and the social role of museums. She is currently involved in developing partnerships between museums in Brazil and abroad.

Organização do Painel COMCOL Copyright Copyleft e as Coleções de Museus
Organização do Painel COMCOL Copyright Copyleft e as Coleções de Museus

Claudia is a board member of COMCOL (International ICOM Committee for Collecting), board member of the ICOM National Committee – Brazil and a consultant for the Wikimedia Group in Brazil.

She teaches Museums & Social Media at the MBA Museums Management (Universidade Cândido Mendes) and gives lectures and short-term courses about the digital museums world.

Between 2015 and 2016, Claudia created the online project forMuseu Histórico da Cidade (Historic City Museum of Rio de Janeiro) and the app Sao Cristovao Cultural, about house-museum Casa da Marquesa de Santos; she also worked as a consultant and producer for the British Council Transform Museums Programme in events such as the course International Museum Academy and the Conferência Internacional “Museus para Quê?” (International Conference “Museums, what for?”).

Claudia holds a degree in Museum Studies (UNIRIO), a post-graduate degree in Conservation of Works of Art (UIA, Italy), an MBA in Business Management (UFRJ) and has specialized in Management and Preservation of Scientific Collections (Fundação Oswaldo Cruz – Fiocruz in 2013).

Museums Showoff 2016
Museums Showoff 2016

Together with journalist Luis Marcelo Mendes, she produced in Brazil the American initiative #DrinkingaboutMuseums (6 editions in Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and São Paulo) and the British initiative Museums Showoff: Rio (6 editions in Rio).

In 2015, Claudia organized the first seminar in Rio de Janeiro on collections development – COMCOL 2015 Seminar, with 12 Brazilian institutions and a specialist from The Netherlands. See the seminar here.

She also worked as:

  • Consultant and producer for the project Exchange of Method, an arts/mental health initiative by Scottish institutions Collective Gallery and Artlink supported by the British Council. The project included study visits and debates in Rio de Janeiro and Edinburgh.
  • Director of the Casa da Marquesa de Santos in Rio de Janeiro, responsible for the museum’s Master Plan (historic house museum/fashion museum).
  • Museums consultant for COC/Fiocruz in a project for the requalification of historical and architectural heritage.
  • Coordinated the volunteers for the 23rd ICOM Gerenal Conference in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Technical advisor at the Museu da República (Museum of the Republic).
  • Arts and Exchanges Coordinator for the British Council in Rio.
  • Communications & Project coordinator of web content companies for 15 years, for clients such as Brazilian Academy of Science, IBGE (Brazilian Institute for Geography and Statistics) and America Online Brazil.

See some of Claudia’s digital work (in Portuguese).