Pesquisa estuda Museus e Educação para a Paz

Reproduzo abaixo (com a autorização do autor) o texto de um colega, Ferhat Koray Sağlam, estudante de graduação em Museum Studies na Turquia. Ele pede a colaboração de profissionais de museu em todo o mundo, respondendo a pesquisa que ele publicou sobre Educação para a Paz e sobre o importante papel que o museu pode desempenhar com relação ao assunto.

O link para a pesquisa é:

Ela fica disponível até o dia 10 de outubro.


Dear Colleagues, 

I would like to invite you to participate in “Peace Education Programs in Children’s and Youth Museums” survey. This research is a part of my graduate thesis in Museum Studies Program at Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul. 

With its current dimensions today ‘peace education’ does not only comprise the programs against war. Peace education may be defined as the process of acquiring values and knowledge and developing attitudes, skills, and behaviors to live in harmony with oneself, with others, and with the natural environment. Positive peace education tries to motivate children in favor of human rights and against hate speech, discrimination, prejudices, and stereotypes. 

‘Peace education programs’ may reduce violence, discriminatory practices and prejudices to the “other” among children and adolescents, increase mutual understanding and empathy capacity, and therefore contribute the peace culture, motivate participants against hate speech, discrimination, prejudices, and stereotypes, contribute someone to acquire attitudes and behaviors that serve multiculturalism, respecting others, rejecting otherization and discrimination in the fields of religion, language, race, ethnicity, income differences, sexual orientation and gender identity, help people to focus on problem solving and to develop solutions in peaceful(non-violent) ways for the conflicts, contribute social improvement and internalize dialogs and empathy. 

The aim of the survey is to find out that what is the nature of peace education programs in children’s and youth museums since the year 2000. More specifically, I will try to reach the methods used in those programs, and also the concepts that those museums take into consideration. Your participation will help to understand the peace education programs in children’s and youth museums. 

Your participation in the survey is voluntary. Your identity will be kept confidential. Data collected from this survey will be aggregated so that your responses with others will be reported together in the research report without revealing neither your own nor the museum’s identity individually. 

The survey should be answered by the responsible person of your museum’s education programs. If you are not involved with the education programs, please send it to the most appropriate person in your museum. I should remind that each museum completes only one survey. 

The survey has been divided into two sections: 
1. General information about the museum 
2. Museum’s Peace Education Programs 
2.1 Peace Education Programs For School Groups 
2.2 Peace Education Programs For Family Group 
2.3 Other Peace Education Programs 

The following questionnaire will require approximately 20-30 minutes completing. It is possible to save the questionnaire, give break and shut the browser down until the deadline. The survey will be open until October 10. After this deadline I may need to have a brief conversation with some of you who self-identified themselves as volunteers to participate in this follow-up research. 
Here is the address for the survey: 

You can either click on the link or cut and paste the address into your browser. 

If you require additional information or have questions and comments, please feel free to contact me at the e-mail below. 

Thank you very much for your time and sharing! 

Ferhat Koray Sağlam 

Graduate Student 
Museum Studies Graduate Program, Art and Design Faculty 
Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul – Turkey


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